Real Time Clock Module 3.3V/5V


Clock Module for DIY Adafruit and Raspberry Pi projects!
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1. DS3231 high precision clock module for Raspberry Pi
2. the module can also be used for Arduino motherboard
3. The module itself can be adapted to 3.3 V and 5 V system,
no level conversion, it is super convenient!


1. to 40° to + 85° temperature range, timing accuracy in
a plus or minus 5 ppm (+/- 0.432 SEC/day)
2. To provide continuous timing battery backup
3. Low power consumption
4. The device compatible with DS3231 encapsulation and function
5. Complete the clock calendar function including the second, minute,
6. Two calendar clock
7. 1 Hz and 32.768 kHz output
8. Reset the output and input button to tremble
9. High speed (400 kHz) the I2C serial bus
10.+ 2.3 V to + 5.5 V power supply voltage
11.The accuracy of plus or minus 3° digital temperature sensor
12.- 40 ° to + 85° temperature range

Package Included:

1 x DS3231 Precision RTC Module Memory Module for Arduino Raspberry Pi DIY


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