DigiSpark Development Board


Digispark Features 

Support for the Arduino IDE 1.0 + (OSX/Windows/Linux)
ATtiny85 processor
6k Flash Memory usable after the bootloader
6 I/O Pins
ADC on 4 pins
Hardware PWM on 3 pins
I2C and SPI via USI
Power via USB or External Source – 5v or 7-35v
On-board 500ma 5V Regulator
Built-in USB and serial debugging
Power LED and Test/Status LED


Add-ons total:


DigiSpark Development board

The Digispark is a very small (19 x 17.5mm without the USB connector) ATtiny85 based board with built-in USB and running Bluebie’s micronucleus-t85 bootloader so it can be plugged straight into a USB socket and programmed without the need for an ISP or FTDI programmer. It uses a core-based the on Arduino-tiny core and has its customised version of the Arduino IDE.



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